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What Is IV Sedation? How Does It Work, and Is It Right for You?

IV Sedation: No fear dentist in Roseville, CAIf you're one of the many people who experience anxiety or fear when it comes to dental visits, you may be a candidate for IV sedation dentistry. IV sedation is a type of conscious sedation that can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable during your dental procedure. Here's what you need to know about how IV sedation dentistry works and whether it's right for you.

Michael Narodovich, DDS is a specially trained IV sedation dentist in Roseville, CA and one of the only offices locally providing this safe and effective option for patients.

What is IV sedation?

IV sedation dentistry involves the administration of sedatives through an IV in your arm. This puts the patient to sleep while the treatment is done. You'll be relieved when you wake up after the procedure and realize it's all over. Even if you were there for hours, it will feel like you were at the dentist for minutes.

IV sedation is a good option for people who experience anxiety or fear when it comes to dental procedures. It's also a good option for people who have sensitive teeth or gums, or who need a long or complex procedure.

If you're considering IV sedation dentistry, be sure to talk to Dr. Narodovich at Waikiki Dental.

Benefits of IV sedation dentistry

Compared to other forms of sedation dentistry, IV sedation is more beneficial because:

  • The effects of sedatives administered via the circulation are more apparent.
  • Patients who have a strong gag reflex respond well to IV sedation.
  • When you have been given a general anesthetics, you will no longer be aware of your physical condition. This means that your breathing, for example, will not be restricted. You can breathe or even walk on your own because the medication does not impact bodily functions. As a result, any abnormalities during the treatment can be identified and addressed promptly by the dentist.
  • The dentist may complete numerous operations in a single appointment. This implies that people who require significant dental care can get it in fewer visits. Not only does this help to decrease the fear and dread associated with dental procedures, but it also lowers the cost of dental service.
  • Because of the amnesic effect of IV sedation, the patient has minimal or no recollection of what occurred during the treatment. The patient is unaware of the treatment room's smells, noises, and sights.
  • When compared to other sedation techniques such as general anesthesia, the effects are far less unpleasant.

Is IV sedation dentistry right for you?

If you're afraid of needles, visiting the dentist, or dental procedures in general, IV sedation is an excellent option for you, especially if you are undergoing a complex procedure such as root canals, implant placement, and tooth extractions. If you have dental anxiety and need to undergo numerous treatments, you might choose IV sedation as an alternative.

You'll need to consult with Dr. Narodovich to see which sedative or pain-relieving technique is ideal for you. Inform your dentist if you're taking any medicines, whether they're prescribed or over-the-counter, during your appointment.

Contact Waikiki Dental today at (916) 772-6248! We'll also tell you whether IV sedation is an appropriate option for you.

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